What Tacoma Home Sellers Can Expect Going Into 2021

Want to know what home sellers can expect going into 2021? When it comes to the real estate market, 2020 was a turbulent year filled with a lot of negative emotions, and preparing to put your home on the market may still seem unrealistic. To get you prepared for what could be waiting around the … Continued

How to Get What You Need When Selling a House in Tacoma

For most homeowners, selling their house seems like a daunting task. That’s why an experienced, knowledgeable real estate agent is one of your greatest assets in the sales process. To find out how you can get the best outcome from your Tacoma home sale, let’s go over 7 crucial steps in the process: The Agent … Continued

What to consider when developing your house hack strategy

Okay, so you’ve decided to house hack. Now what? As discussed in my previous article, House Hacking: The Life Hack for Financial Freedom, house hacking is a great way to purchase both a home to live in and an investment at the same time. This also means the property has to simultaneously meet both your … Continued

House Hacking: The Life Hack for Financial Freedom

“Life hacks” are all the rage these days. There is an easy tip or trick to fix just about anything you can imagine. Even real estate has a hack: house hacking, which lands you a new home AND an investment. It’s really a hack for your financial life. When house hacking, the owner lives in … Continued

What Will Happen to Interest Rates in 2020 for Tacoma Home Buyers?

This is certainly a time of uncertainty as both personal and economic life have suffered major upheavals. But a couple of things remain pretty certain throughout all this. The stock market is as volatile as ever with its recent dramatic fall and subsequent seesaw. And interest rates look to remain low, which is good news … Continued

Looking to the Future: How Have Past Pandemics Impacted Real Estate?

Though these are times of uncertainty, we can look to the past for clues to how the COVID-19 pandemic may continue to impact the local housing market. Zillow recently published a study regarding the behaviors of the housing market during previous pandemics such as the 1918 influenza and the 2003 SARS outbreak. The article concluded: Economic … Continued

The single best investment for the next decade

  Real estate is powerful- just check out this recent article on Marketwatch.com. In a recent Bankrate survey, 3 out of 5 investors said real estate is the best way to invest money you wouldn’t need for the next 10 years. A couple observations: 1) It is interesting that the article was published on Marketwatch.com, a … Continued